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Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, Modular Construction, Inc. is here to assist you with all of your needs! After all, apart from building a structure, there is definitely a lot that goes into a construction project.

With our team of experts and competitive prices we are definitely the right service provider for you. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you need assistance with:


  • Analyze your construction plan and provide you with a possible overall quote for the project
  • Outline a preliminary construction budget
  • Create a procurement strategy that prioritizes materials that are long-lasting
  • Create a final budget and finalize schedule


  • Create a square foot cost estimate
  • Material and labor estimating
  • Remodeling Estimating including profit and overhead totals
  • Estimating cost and pricing factors basing on your zip code area
  • Interact with different vendors and suppliers to guarantee best prices and smooth transition

Scheduling & Phasing
Scheduling & Phasing

  • Create a project definition and outline specifications
  • Conduct an ocular visit and final field inspections to potential building site
  • Finalize a project timeline taking into consideration your goals and budget
  • Develop a final schedule to start product phasing

Project Management
Project Management

  • Conduct risk assessment
  • Develop communication protocols
  • Identify and finalize project design
  • Finalize budget and costs
  • Get in touch with contractors and vendors to guarantee smooth and efficient transactions
  • Manage resources

Project Supervision
Project Supervision

  • Avert construction errors through constant monitoring
  • Ensure that you are going according to relevant building regulations
  • Confirm that your construction project is compliant to the identified technical documentation and construction permits
  • Make sure that your construction project is progressing according to the pre-determined schedule
  • Decrease or completely eliminate technical risks

Construction Safety
Construction Safety

  • Audit construction site safety
  • Audit of materials ensuring that everything is high-quality and not subpar
  • Conduct job hazard analysis
  • Identify potential issues and create potential back-up plans
  • Outline health and safety policies
  • Set up communication lines