Plasma Welding

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You'll understand how important it is to have a good pump if you have a well on your property. It doesn't matter whether if the water from the well is used for irrigation or if it is used primarily for drinking water, either way having a water pump will be a necessity. In order to make sure that you have good drinking water or consistent water for irrigation, you'll need to make sure the water pumps you buy are the best. It will be important to get a pump that will have enough horsepower to meet your water pressure needs and it needs to be a high quality pump.

Understanding the horsepower and other needs you have from a water pump will help you to pick the right one from all the water pumps that are on the market. In the water pump purchasing process this is the first step. There are different sized pump and the right one for your needs can really vary. The size of the pump will determine how much water is pumped out of the well and at what rate. It is important that you get a pump that will allow for great water pressure when the pump is being used to pump the water to where it is needed.

You need to do some research about the different pumps that are on the market once you figure out what it is that you need in terms of pump size. You want to make sure you are looking at the pumps that have a good reputation for reliability. You will want a to make sure you looking at getting a pump that will really last.

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You can try to narrow your choices by looking at online reviews from others who have bought the pumps you're thinking about. You want to get pumps from manufactures that seem to have a good track record of making quality products. If you buy a product from a manufacturer that is known for creating poor products then it is safe to assume their water pumps will be bad too.


Plasma Welding

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Warhammer 40K: Does the "Gets Hot!" rule apply to a Techmarine w/ Servo-Harness?

It seems like it wouldn't seeing as how the Techmarine's twin-linked plasma pistol is just a plasma welding tool mounted to one of his servo-arms. Is there an actual rule for this? Or is it the kind of thing that you resolve with an opponent before the game?

Best Answer...


Yes, it does. But remember it's twin-linked. So if you roll a "1" with the first shot, you can re-roll it. Only if you roll a second "1" does the Techmarine take a wound - and he still has a 2+ save, thanks to his artificer armour! So it's a 1-in-216 chance of your techmarine dying to an exploding plasma pistol.

Off the top of my head, I can't recall immediately where this answer was clarified. It's either specifically mentioned in the rulebook under the "Gets Hot!" rule, or else it was tackled in the 5th Edition FAQ.