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Commonly found in automotive and machine shops, warehouses and elsewhere, chain blocks are essential lifting tools that let you haul extremely heavy objects like engines, machinery or otherwise. With their gear assembly and internal bearing mechanism, the tool lets you lift extremely heavy objects with relative ease. Made from high-strength alloy steel, chain blocks are very durable. Easy to use and necessary for many tasks, all commercial shops as well as versatile home shops should have a chain block.

Depending on the capacity, a chain block will be rated to support anywhere from a half tonne to twenty tonnes. A two- or three-tonne chain block will be more than adequate, however, for the average auto or machine shop. Chain blocks are primarily used to lift out an engine from a vehicle, suspend a drive train or other heavy-duty lifting jobs. Chain blocks may be statically placed or mounted to a runner. Running blocks are most likely found in larger shops.

The bearing mechanism and gear assembly is contained in the block, a small cylindrical body through which several strands of chain pass. Attached to the top of the block is a drop-forged hook with safety latch. This hook connects to the runner or some other fixture. The load chain extends out from the bottom of the block and has the load hook attached. Whatever object is to be lifted or suspended, this hook attaches to it. The haul chain is positioned next to the load chain and is used to control the up and down motion of the load chain.

The mechanical efficiency of a chain block means that an operator can lift an engine out of its compartment by pulling on the haul chain. Thus, it only requires minimal effort to move an object weighing several tonnes. Chain blocks also feature asbestos-free brake mechanisms for safe lowering.

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Because they only lift and lower vertically, chain blocks are somewhat limited. However, this is all they are really needed to do in an auto shop. A good alternative to an engine crane, a chain block is an essential tool in shops with the space and necessary structure to support it.

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